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The real estate and construction division of Global Groups established in 2005 is dedicated to fulfilling your infrastructure dreams. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing your lifestyle, Global Groups offers an ideal haven for you and your loved ones. Leveraging an extensive land portfolio, strong construction expertise, and professional management practices, the Global Groups brand has charted a course of consistent expansion, addressing the evolving desires of a diverse demographic. It has effectively addressed the previously unmet demand for quality, affordability, premium, and luxury housing and commercial solutions in North East India, accommodating various budgets and customer aspirations.


Global Groups' mission is to be a beacon of excellence in the real estate industry, delivering exceptional quality and innovation. We are committed to creating sustainable, vibrant communities that enrich the lives of our customers. By leveraging our vast land bank, construction expertise, and professional management systems, we aim to meet the diverse aspirations of a wide-ranging population. Our mission is to provide top-tier residential and commercial spaces that cater to various budgets, from affordable housing to premium and upscale developments, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and environmental responsibility. We strive to leave a lasting legacy of quality and customer satisfaction across North East India.

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Global Groups' vision is to become the premier real estate developer in North East India, known for transforming landscapes and enhancing lives. We aspire to create sustainable and aesthetically pleasing communities that set new industry benchmarks. Our vision is to foster innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, while consistently delivering excellence in quality and service. We aim to exceed customer expectations and contribute to the region's economic and social development. With a focus on environmental responsibility and community well-being, we envision a future where Global Groups is synonymous with trust, integrity, and a commitment to building a brighter tomorrow.

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